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Winter In-Home Lifestyle Session | Columbus, OH

Within this never ending winter, I have been doing a good number of in-home photoshoots. I think when a lot of people think of family pictures they think outdoors or in a studio, and they don't consider the in-home option unless you are talking about newborn photos. In my opinion, they are an amazing fit for family, milestone, and maternity, especially. I always love how they turn out and getting to see different families in their element is the best!

Anyway... I got connected with this family through our mutual friend, Stephanie, who I have photographed a bunch of times in the past! Kelli had emailed me several months ago while I was still on maternity leave inquiring about in-home pictures. She said her main concern was getting a picture of the entire family (dogs included). Thankfully we got that (you never know with dogs) with a lot more variety too.

I was excited, yet nervous because Kelli is also a photographer. I have photographed a couple of other photographers in the past, and while it is an honor, it is extremely nerve wracking!

I tried to get a lot of pictures with her in the frame, because I think most women (photographers especially) are lacking in those. Although I get the impression her husband probably does a good job of that for her :)

As a side note, my husband has been doing a better job at snapping candid photos of me and the kids... even if the angle makes me look like I have 10 chins... need to keep working on that! Saying this as a disclaimer although I doubt he actually reads this blog.

It was so nice connecting with another photographer and mom of kids similar in age. She is also going to help me second shoot a wedding later this year, so yay!

And gah, aren't these the sweetest sisters?!?!

Sharing a bunch of my favorites below! Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see their lifestyle video too!