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Why You Should Book Sunrise Beach Family Photos | Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Why you should book sunrise family photos | Ponte Vedra, Florida


I met the R family over at Micklers Landing in Ponte Vedra a few weeks ago to update their family photos. Both girls just celebrated a birthday so it was perfect timing to document their growing girls! We are neighbors and friends in Nocatee and I love getting to do this for them.

Here is why you should consider a sunrise photoshoot too!

  • Kids in Better Moods -During the summer, the sun doesn't set until after 7pm which is bedtime for many young ones! Kids are usually ready to go for a 6:30am shoot - and the promise of donuts afterwards is the perfect incentive.

  • Dramatic Lighting - At sunset, the sun sets behind the dunes, BUT at sunrise you get that dramatic lighting behind the water which clients just love having in their photos. I personally feel that sunrise photography makes for more artistic and evocative photography. The warmth the sun brings to the photos is just overall beautiful.

  • You can get your photos done first thing and have the rest of your day free!

  • More availability - Typically my evenings fill up much faster, but my morning availability is much greater and more flexible.

Here are the rest of my favorites from this recent sunrise shoot in Ponte Vedra, Florida!

Colleen is an experienced portrait photographer based out of Ponte Vedra, Florida, serving the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. Contact her here to book.


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