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What I pack in my camera bag as a family photographer | Colleen Lindhurst Photography

In this post I am putting it all out there and sharing what I pack in my camera bag!

Maybe you are a prospective or current client? I hope you take away how much I prioritize coming to photoshoots prepared and having back-ups of everything.

Maybe you found this post as a newer photographer? Welcome! I remember when I was starting out and being truly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gear out there and not knowing what I really needed for my niche/style of photography. I hope you find this helpful in your journey!

I am a Nikon girl all the way, and my Nikon D750 has served me well for several years now. I always bring two cameras with me as I think it is important to have a back-up. I'll be upgrading to mirrorless (thinking the Nikon Z 6II) sometime this year, but for now I'm going strong with the Nikon D750.

2. Lenses

I only use prime lenses for family photography, and here are my top 3!

-35mm - If you want to save $$, the f/1.8 lens is an amazing lens. The f/1.4 is top of the line with the price tag to accompany it. I personally think you can save your pennies and do well with the f/1.8 lens.

-50mm - I recommend the f/1.4 version of this lens!

-85mm - I rarely use my 85mm lens, but it is super nice and I love to have it in my arsenal.

2. Camera Bag - For the longest time I carried around a (I'll be honest) ugly, utilitarian camera bag, but last year I treated myself to a Kamrette bag. I love it, but I do wish I had sprung for the bigger size, so consider that if you are a pack rat like me!

A girl has got to be prepared!!

I seriously can't live without this step stool. When you are 5' 3", you are most likely shorter than the majority of your clients, which means unflattering angles. This step stool helps achieve the perspective I want.

5. Camera Cleaning Kit

6. Expo disc

The handiest tool for setting white balance! If you aren't using one of these yet, you should be! It comes in two sizes.

That about sums my essential gear! Leave me a comment if you have any questions, and I'd be happy to answer them!

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Colleen is an experienced family, newborn, maternity, and senior photographer based out of Nocatee in Ponte Vedra, Florida, serving the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. Contact her here to book.


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