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Welcome to my new website and blog! Yay!

If we don't already know each other, let me tell you a little about me. I'm sure most moms can relate to the fact that becoming a mom changes your whole world. I knew that it was no longer going to work for me to have a traditional 9-5 full-time office job, and I dreamed of doing something that would allow me to be my own boss. I left my professional marketing job to go down the path of entrepreneurship. While I had some ideas, I did not know quite where it would take me, but God has never let me down in showing me his true path and plans for me so I had faith it would work out.

cutest model ever

Why photography? I've had this DSLR camera for several years now and would pick it up from time to time, frustrated with the quality of pictures I would take. I've always admired the work of natural light portrait photographers and followed their blogs and Instagram accounts. I thought - one day I will do that when I have time (ha!). I decided to stop dreaming and finally take action.

I'm so excited to make the transition beyond hobby photographer and share what I have to offer with families I have yet to meet. Thanks for following along!

Looking to have family pictures done? Please send me a message to snag a session at my current pricing! I have low rates as I continue to build my portfolio and expertise.


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