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The W Family | Spring Family Photos | Columbus Ohio

When I get emails from my newborn clients wanting to do milestone photos, it is seriously the best feeling. I love getting to see your littles grow up, and I take it as the highest compliment to be invited to (an albeit, very small) part of the ride.

I photographed Rigel last year for his newborn photos. You can check out the old blog post here! I love getting to see my newborns for their one year old photos, and Rigel was no exception! He is growing up to be so handsome. Not gonna lie, he was not in the mood for photos which can happen at this age. Mom and dad were breaking out the big guns. The usual fare... snacks, pacifiers, kisses. He wasn't having it! Nonetheless we got a bunch of sweet shots of him along with some candid ones that actually ended up being my favorite part. Here are a few of my favorites from their family photos/one-year old photos.


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