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The A Family | Spring Maternity Session | Outdoor Lifestyle (Columbus, Ohio Family Photography)

I so need to get caught up on blogging. I strive to blog every session. I started to count how behind I was and stopped after 20. Things get in the way like actually shooting, editing, bookkeeping, two young children that need me, etc. Not complaining, but this is sure a hectic season of life. Would love any tips from seasoned entrepreneur mamas, but that seems like a topic for another day.

Anyway, I am excited to share this gorgeous session from the A family. (As a side note, I've stopped using full names to protect people's privacy... the internet is a crazy place).

They were expecting baby number two and decided to get maternity and newborn photos done. I love when mamas decide to book both as it helps me to get to know them prior to the newborn pictures and ends up being a better experience all around! We were able to time the shoot with the flowers blooming at Goodale Park. She ended up giving birth not long after the shoot (a week, maybe?), so thankfully these photos happened at all. I genuinely loved getting to know them... they are such a wonderful family and their little girl could not be more of a sweetie! She had so much personality and her vocabulary is insane! Amazes me. Enough rambling, here are some of my favorite shots!


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