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Best time of year to schedule senior photos | Columbus, OH

A lot of parents and students ask me when the best time is to take senior photos. In my opinion, the summer before their senior year is the best time for many reasons.

Here's why.

1. Scheduling - Typically students have more free time in the summer which makes for ease of scheduling. During the school year (especially their senior year), they will be SO busy!

2. Backdrop - Obviously everything is greener and so many things are blooming, which looks so beautiful in the photos. We have so many beautiful settings in Columbus to choose from.

3. Meeting Yearbook Deadlines - Many Central Ohio schools require students to submit their yearbook photo earlier than you would think. Worthington Schools, for example, requires the photo to be submitted by January of their senior year.

Other schools, like Olentangy, don't allow students to submit their own photo and have an agreement with a local studio for the yearbook photo specifically, so this won't be completely applicable depending on your school district. Though students still get separate photos taken with an outside photographer, like me.

4. Give Yourself Time to Find the Right Photographer - I remember when I got my senior pictures taken, I was obsessed with finding the right photographer (I overthink most buying decisions... can you relate?). I remember there were a few things that mattered to me most.

a) I wanted to look really good. Don't judge me too hard... I was only 18. But I know it's not just me. We are all vain when it comes to having our picture taken!

As you review a potential photographer's portfolio, pay attention to their posing, skin tones, etc. You should hire a photographer that makes it a priority for their clients to look their best.

b) I wanted the pictures to capture my personality. I'm not just talking portraying extra curricular activities like music and athletics, but capturing genuine candid smiles where their personality and beauty shines through. We will have a conversation when you schedule your shoot, so that I can get to know you and make sure the images are well rounded to represent your activities and show your personality in a natural way.

c) I wanted them to be timeless. Just kidding - the 18 year old me was NOT thinking about that. But I should have been. Strive to find a photographer that produces photos that will look good in your Instagram feed, yet you won't be embarrassed of them years from now.

SeniorPhotographerColumbusOhio - Emma

If you currently are a junior (going to be a senior 2018-2019), I'd love to hear from you and find out if I'm a good fit for you. I am currently scheduling seniors May-August. Send me a message to get started!

Senior Session | $250

40+ hand-edited digital images + B&W

full print rights

up to 2 hour shoot with multiple outfit changes

sneak peek 2 days later

classmates and family pets welcome


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