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Baby Veda | In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photos

This winter has kept me busy with in-home newborn sessions, which I am so thankful for. Being one of the first people to meet a new baby is such a privilege. I try to keep it professional and not completely gush over the new baby, but ahhh! Now that I have my own babies I know how quickly the newborn phase goes, and getting a baby fix is a huge perk of being a newborn photographer!

I'm super passionate about in-home "lifestyle" newborn photography for so many reasons. Your home is such an expression of who you are and it is a labor of love to make it that way - especially the nursery.

I try to beautifully capture the mundane moments of parenthood that make up the everyday. Whether it is mom and baby in the rocker that she feeds her in during those late night feedings or dad having her nap on his chest, these are the special moments parents cherish and I think deserved to be documented.

A couple of month's ago I met baby Veda's family and took their newborn photos. They had just built a beautiful new home not too far from where I live. Our kids are close in age so we definitely had a lot in common!

I'm sharing a bunch of my favorites from this session below. I just was in awe of their nursery.... so cool and beautiful at the same time.

As you'll see, baby girl was wide-eyed and awake the entire session! We tried to get her to sleep for a few sleepy photos, but she was not having it. Sometimes that just happens during newborn sessions despite our best efforts, but again that is one of the beauties of a lifestyle session is that it attempts to capture the family's real life, in their element. So it is really not a huge deal, although I know it can be frustrating to mom and dad sometimes. These guys seemed very laid back and go with the flow, though!

I mean... look how alert she is! I'd be curious to know what her personality ends up being like! So observant with the sweetest expression.

You can also see their newborn video below! I'm so obsessed with doing newborn videos. I actually hate charging people for them, because I really think everyone NEEDS one. I just love how they capture a snippet of this time in your life along with all of the photos. Think of them like your modern-day family home videos courtesy of me :)

Thanks for reading and following along to see my latest work!



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