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Photoshoot Locations

Picking a location is such an important step in the planning process when it comes to family photos. I love to help my clients select a location that fits their vision for their photos. An easy way to choose a location is to simply scroll my Instagram feed and see if there are photos that call out to you. Some clients like more customized recommendations or to see an entire gallery at a certain location, which is great too! I'm excited to share my favorite locations in my area as well as some things to consider when picking a location.


The cooler months are a great time to explore a wooded or urban location that you may not have chosen in the summer.  I wouldn't recommend booking a wooded photoshoot in the middle of the summer... the bugs and humidity can be a lot!


During the warmer months I recommend choosing a beach location  - the breeze helps keep you cooler.

What's your decor?

If you plan on displaying your family photos in your home, keep your decor in mind when choosing a location. My home is decorated coastal, so I love displaying beach photos as it blends in perfectly with the decor. The beach is also my happy place, so I feel relaxed when I walk by the photos. If you aren't a beachy person, a wooded location is probably a better choice.


My Favorite Photoshoot Locations

North Ponte Vedra Beach

I'd say this is my favorite location, as 75% of my portfolio is here. This is my top choice for a beach location when clients are seeking a location that has beautiful dune scenery as well as water shots. The sand here is known for being more shelly, so if you don't care for that look/feel, I recommend other beaches below.


Other Northeast Florida Beaches

If the dunes as a backdrop are not a priority for you, and you'd prefer a location that has less shelly sand, choose JAX beach, Vilano Beach, Atlantic Beach, or St. Augustine Beach. I have beach access points in all of these areas that I can recommend based on your preference of location. 


I am based on Nocatee, so I am very familiar with many of the great locations the community has to offer. Many of my clients love the convenience of having so many great locations just a short drive away.  I'll list my three most popular locations, but I am certainly open to visiting a specific neighborhood, or doing in-home/front porch pictures for photos as well.

  • Kayak Launch - This location is rich in variety. Marsh, driftwood, tall grass, wooded tree lines, etc. The bugs are pretty plentiful here, so I recommend coming here during the cooler months.

  • Twenty Mile Boardwalk

  • Greenway Boardwalk

Rivertown Park

I often get clients requesting locations with tall trees with hanging moss. I enjoy this location as a nice alternative to Alpine Groves as it has a boardwalk as well as beautiful tall trees with the hanging moss. Nothing says Florida like hanging moss as your backdrop!

Upon booking with me, my clients receive a welcome packet which has a more detailed list of locations throughout the to choose from

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