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Style Your Session

Trust me when I say that your outfits make a big difference in the final product of your photos. I know it can feel a little stressful and overwhelming deciding what to wear. As your photographer I want to help as much as I can, and I pride myself on offering complimentary styling assistance as part of all photography sessions. 

Style and Select is an online interactive styling tool that curates outfits for your family. Think of it is an digital personal stylist. You choose your vibe: Elevated Casual or Modern Boho. I recommend picking from the "Light and Airy" color pallette. Then you fill out a questionnaire with the size range and gender of each family member. Style and Select puts together dozens of photographer approved clothing items and accessories based on how you answered the questionnaire.


Upon booking, each of my clients will be sent a "Style and Select Code". If you have not received your code, please email me and I will send you one!

Think of Style and Select as your starting point to learning what photographs well and providing you with inspiration on what to wear. Utilize what is in your closet first and shop elsewhere if you prefer! This tool is just here to help, but I certainly wouldn't want you to feel obligated to purchase from the site. I don't make a commision from the site or anything like that, but simply offer it as a tool to help!

Colleen Lindhurst Photography - Beach Family Photographer - Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, St.

My Favorite Stores


1- Zara

2- Target

3- Old Navy

4- H&M

5. Banana Republic

6. J. Crew


1.-H & M


3-Old Navy

4- Indie Blue

5- Ivy City Co.

6. Amazon

7. Rylee + Cru


1- Baltic Born

2- Pink Blush



color pallatte.JPG

Start with Mom

I recommend starting with the woman's outfit/dress first. That gives you a starting point for color pallete. Second, select the kids clothes. Last, select dad's clothes.

Keep it Simple

You can never go wrong with simple and solid. If you have one person in the photos wearing a pattern, everyone else will look best wearing solid colors that compliment the patterned piece.


For group portraits, avoid matching colors, outfits, and patterns. Rather, think about color schemes and complementary colors.













Keep Skin Tone in Mind

Pick something that complements your skin tone. If you have fair skin, choosing a black shirt might make you look very pale in a photograph, while wearing a white shirt might make you look washed out. Choosing a neutral light gray may be a better choice.

Add Texture

Add interest to a solid color outfit with textures and layers! For ladies this means, jewelry, sweaters, or blazers. For men, think about a jacket or sports coat paired with a sweater and button-up. These create more dimension and make for an engaging photo. If you chose to wear a pattern like plaid, stripes, or floral then you need LESS texture and those wearing solid outfits need MORE texture. Keep seasonality and location in mind for this advice!

Picking Your Colors

Soft, earthy, neutral or pastel colors (beige, cream, stone, blush, mauve, lavender,

sage, soft olive, gray, camel, blue-gray, denim, etc) are classic and always photograph


I recommend avoiding bright primary or neon colors. The biggest reason for this is

something called "color cast.” If you wear a bright red shirt and your child gives you

a hug, the red from your shirt will reflect back onto their face, giving their skin an

unnatural hue.

The Extra Touch

If you have the extra time and budget, for the ladies it never hurts to have your hair,

makeup, and nails done. I like to coordinate my haircuts with family photos so it is

one less thing I have to worry about.

Consider the Location

Beach Tips

Neutral and pastel colors, such as soft pinks, cream, light blues, soft greens and white all photograph extremely well, as they blend effortlessly with the natural elements rather than competing with them.


A flowy dress photographs well; especially if we get a little wind.


I recommend not wearing shoes


I like to start the photoshoot at the dunes and end it by the water. Some clients prefer to just get their feet wet, while others prefer to hop fully in. Something to consider when choosing clothing!

Colleen Lindhurst Photography - Beach Family Photographer - Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, St.
Colleen Lindhurst Photography_ Beach Family Photographer_ Ponte Vedra Nocatee Jacksonville
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